Probate-2If you have inherited a house or have a property in probate we can help.

We can work with the personal representative and attorney to help facilitate a quick sale, and may even be able to absorb many of the expenses you’d otherwise face, while expediting a fast transaction and liquidation to get you the cash you need, while preserving what’s important and minimizing the distractions.

What is “Probate”?

Probate refers to the court-supervised process of sorting out a deceased person’s final affairs, such as:

  • Collecting all probate property of the decedent
  • Paying all debts, claims and taxes owed by the estate
  • Collecting all rights to income, dividends, etc.
  • Settling any disputes
  • Distributing or transferring the remaining property to the heirs

The probate process itself also carries with it a number of costs that are usually paid out of estate assets. These costs include:

  • Fees of the personal representative
  • Attorneys’ fees
  • Court costs

If you are involved in a probate case and would like to liquidate the real estate with a quick and easy sale, don’t hesitate to call upon us, we are here to help. To receive an offer, please call us direct or complete the Quick Response Form.